8t/D Palm Oil Refinery Palm Oil Refining Machine

Model NO.
Press Materials
Press Series
2* 40hq
Refine Many Kinds of Crude Vegetable Oil
Wooden Case or Film Package
Green or Silver
Production Time
15 Days
Transport Package
Wooden Case, Film Packing,
HS Code
Production Capacity
5 Sets Per Month
Reference Price
$ 42,120.00 - 46,800.00

Product Description

8t/d palm oil refinery palm oil refining machine
Product Description
It consisits of deacidification process, degumming process, bleaching process and deodorizing process, and also other matched items, the whole production nearly has over 30 machines.

One. Characteristic:  

The oil refining unit is batch oil refinery, which has all the functions of big & mid-size batch oil refinery, better than big&middle sized oil refining. Besides, it suits for animal oil fat & vegetable oil fat refining.
The oil refining unit is set combination, which has the characteristics of hot source preparation, electrical control, light weight and less power consumption. It is necessary for the user to prepare electricity and water supply(or 2 meter height water tank ), some coal, NaOH, phosphoric acid and bleaching earth and other material. 
8t/D Palm Oil Refinery Palm Oil Refining Machine
Details Introduction

Two: Process Flows:

8t/D Palm Oil Refinery Palm Oil Refining Machine
Crude oil----Refining(by adding phosphoric acid&NaOH)---Washing(by adding hot water)---Bleaching(by adding bleaching earth)-Filter(Filtrating bleaching earth)-Deodorization(by adding vacuum)-Product oil
Three: Main Equipments:
Neutralization tank: used for acid refining, alkali refining or washing
Bleaching tank: used for bleaching oil&removing pigment.
Deodorizing tank: used for removing the odour of oil(made of stainless steel).
Conduction oil furnace: provide production with heat source, and the temperature can reach 280 degree.
Vacuum pump: provide vacuum degree for bleaching&deodorizing process, which can reach above 755mm Hg
Air compressor: weather bleaching earth used in the bleaching process
Filter press: filtrate the bleaching earth
Steam generator: produce steam for deodorization and distillation process

Four: Installation Preparation for 8t/d palm oil refinery palm oil refining machine

1.Electricity:Voltage 380V,Frequency 50HZ,three phase. Power is not less than 2 times of the maximum total power.
2.Water:Clean water
3.Coal:Industrial firing coal
4. Conduction oil:conduction oil (model:WRY-320). The quantity of the conduction oil:3 barrels(1T oil refining)
5.Workers:administrator 1,translator 1 (who can speak Chinese),electric welder 1,riveter 1,coupler 3-4
6.Lifting equipment one set(3T),Electric welding machine(1 set),Gas cutting(1 set),welding rod (some),tools(some).
7.Auxiliary material(see the the Auxiliary material table 1)
8.Raw material: enough raw material,the raw material can not less than the quantity for 3 days working.
9.Food &shelter(housing) for our engineer
10.Testing equipment: Equipments for acid value,moisture&colour test,280 degrees heating test.
11.Start-up plan: The start-up time, workers&safety training for workers should by prepared by your part.
Notice: In order to accomplish installation&debugging quickly for machines, the preparation mentioned above should be prepared completely to save time and cost.
Packaging & Shipping

It uses the special pastic film to take packing, and load the items into containers directly.

8t/D Palm Oil Refinery Palm Oil Refining Machine
8t/D Palm Oil Refinery Palm Oil Refining Machine

Table 1:Auxiliary material requirement:

Trisodium Phosphate0.1%-0.5% (of oil weight)
Alkali (Caustic soda NAOH)0.00713*oil weight*acid value (take 5
calculated temporarily)*1.15
Bleaching earth (Activated clay)2.5%-5%(of oil weight)
Edible salt0.2%(of oil weight)

Notice: The quantity of auxiliary materials differ in oil quality, so the table is for reference only.
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Name8t/d palm oil refinery palm oil refining machine
production time10 days
Packagefilm package


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